From the Desk of Principal

I feel privileged and inspired by the opportunity to lead a school which has a profound visionary philosophy at its core. A dynamic and rigorous academic programme which aims at engaging student’s mind in all discipline, leading to excellence, is comer stone of school’s academic philosophy.

It is our endeavour to initiate a programme which leads to enquiry, debate, extensive writing and research-all important processes that stimulate the acquisition of knowledge. The school firmly believes that nobody can claim greatness and survive long if its foundation is not built upon a strong ethical base. The school therefore lays strong emphasis on moral, aesthetic and physical growth of each individual.

Education alone can play an important role in shaping human values, a humanistic approach and democratic and liberal ideas. Hence the school does not ignore, rather values, lessons emphasis service to other social responsibility and environmental awareness.

It is our earnest endeavour to provide a platform to you to explore world and manifest your innate talents. We expect your parents to encourage you to enthusiastically participate in all activities planned.
With love and affection P.K.Patpatia


Technology is the collection of techniques, skills and methods, and we always try our students to be skilled in every stream.

Best Tutor

We always prefer best teachers for our students as a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Practical Training

Practical training is an important part of studies and we always try to teach our students with particals so that they can understand better what they are studying.


We support every child to grow up in every field and express their views and ideas more and more. We always try our best to see our students pass with flying colours.

What our Student says

I am very glad on seeing my school developing and growing fast.


Diksha Gupta

Ex. Student

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Shubham Gupta

Ex. Student

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Amit Bhola

Ex. Student

Our Web Developers

  • Parth Chopra

    UI/UX Developer

    "A web designer is not just a person, he is a bundle of new ideas." I always try to get things and ideas out of the box so that objects tell on their own What they are?

  • Abhinav Kally

    WEb designer

    A Web Designer does not make a website, it make a future of that school or company.

  • Deepansh Dadwal

    Content Writer

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  • Nishan Singh

    Technical Head

    You can get the solution of anything, anywhere, anytime with just a single click.